Do you know anyone who could benefit from our dental services?

Do you know anyone who could benefit from our dental services? 


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Here are 7 Benefits of Utilizing our Dental Clinic


1. Unbeatable Pricing, we believe our prices are already lower than that of our competion, but if they're not we will match any price!


2. Usage of Top Dental Materials & Implants, we are always looking for the best dental labs and materials available to us in Ecuador. 


3. Free Dental Treatment Plans, email us your dental x-rays and we will send you a free dental treatment plan listing the dental work you need and pricing details, etc. Email is


4. Free Cellphone for use in Ecuador to Call us Day or Night, this one is specifically for dental tourists, we will actually give you a cellphone, so we are in communication at all times. 


5. Bilingual Staff and Reputable Dental Specialists, everyone on our dental team speaks English and all our dental specialists come in very highly recommended by 99.9 percent of their patients. 


6. Facilitation of Hotel and Airport Pickup in English if requested, this is also for dental tourists. 


7. Excellent Customer Service and Quick Email Replies - this one is uncommon by most businesses in general these days in the US and Ecuador... If you come to our dental clinic, expect "Customer Service"


If you've made it this far, thanks for reading! Have a super good day! 










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